Periodontal disease affects your bone tissue as well as your gums. If allowed to progress to a more severe stage, this condition can even cause loss of supporting bone tissue. Dr. Vincent Ho provides bone regeneration treatments to help you regain healthy bone tissue and keep your teeth stable in your mouth. To learn more about bone regeneration in Bonney Lake, Washington, and schedule a consultation with our dentist, call Lake Tapps Dental today at 253-863-4040.

Prior to providing a bone regeneration procedure, our dentist will examine your mouth and discuss your oral health needs with you. This will help us determine which type of procedure will provide you with the best results. When you receive bone regeneration, our dentist will open the gum tissues to expose the supporting bone beneath. The bone will then be cleaned, and the bone grafting materials and proteins will be added to the site to encourage regeneration and healing. This allows the grafted material to grow together with your natural bone to create a strong and more stable foundation for your teeth.

Our skilled dentist has trained in the latest treatment techniques and technologies to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable and effective as possible.

We will provide anesthetic and other sedation options to help you remain as comfortable as possible during the procedure, and will provide post-op instructions afterward to help you recover.

If you have any questions about bone regeneration and to schedule an appointment with our dentist, please contact our office today.